Online Tools for Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is a teaching model based around the idea of providing every student with an optimal learning environment. By tracking and assessing progress throughout the school year, teachers can then adjust both curriculum and teaching methods to better serve the personal needs of the kids in their classrooms. Online tools such as math games can help in this undertaking, as a virtual environment can provide detailed real-time feedback on the progress of every child who uses it.

Addressing Variables for Academic Success

Differentiated instruction addresses the fact that every child comes to the classroom with different educational needs. While some children thrive through reading textbooks and listening to lectures, others require a more hands-on, visual approach to learning. Despite this, today's teachers are expected to impart a specific subset of knowledge to children at each grade level. This mix of a common curriculum and variable learning styles can put a teacher in a difficult position. In order to provide the proper individualized educational environment, it's necessary to know where each student's strengths and weaknesses lie. Progress monitoring is an essential part of this process. However, traditional monitoring methods such as benchmark testing can take a lot of time away from instruction, which is frustrating for teachers and can have a negative effect on student progress.

Incorporating Online Tools

The use of technology in the classroom isn't a new thing. As the years go by, more and more schools are beginning to incorporate technological aspects into everyday instruction. This is a particularly valuable trend when it comes to differentiated instruction. Through the use of an online environment that includes games, virtual manipulatives and personalized progress summaries, teachers and administrators can more easily track how students are doing at any grade level. And since online games are hosted on a remote server rather than individual computers around the school, progress reports can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, making it easier for teachers to share information and better adapt their classroom environments to provide an optimal educational experience.

Implementing an Adaptive Environment in the Classroom

Since the current classroom model isn't conducive to intense, individualized instruction for every student, teachers who wish to implement a differentiated instruction model must mix group instruction with individual attention to create the proper learning environment. Organization and planning are key to this, which is where online learning tools come in handy. Getting comprehensive feedback about students' progress at the push of a button or click of a mouse saves time and gives teachers the information that they need to adapt the current curriculum to best serve their particular class. Adaptive online educational tools also provide students with an alternative method of learning, so teachers can offer those with different learning styles an easier environment in which to grasp and master new concepts.

Using differentiated instruction in the classroom helps to ensure that each student receives the amount and type of attention that they need to succeed academically. Adding online games to everyday instruction provides students with an interactive learning environment that moves at their own pace while tracking progress in a way that teachers can use to better serve each child.

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The Pros and Cons of an Online Degree

Coming to the decision between an online degree and an on-campus degree has become more and more common these days. Often, when making big life-changing decisions, it's helpful to create a pros and cons list of each of your options. Visualizing your options can make your decision path more clear.

Here, we've broken down the pros and cons of an online degree:


The best part about going back to school online is the amount of flexibility it allows in your day to day life. Unlike traditional in-class degree programs, you won't have to drive to campus every day and sit in class for three hours. You can access all of your class resources from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with an internet connection.

Because of the flexibility an online education allows, it is a great option for people looking to advance their career while continuing to work. An online educational program allows current workers to take online classes after or before work. Online degrees are also very popular among stay-at-home mothers with young children, allowing them to stay with the kids and go to class on their computer.

Online degrees are a great value. They give you the same background as an on-campus degree for less overall costs. By choosing to go to school online rather than on campus, you will save on text books costs (most of your class resources are available online), parking fees and overall tuition costs. Because you aren't on campus using the physical resources provided to on-campus students, you will avoid paying for these resources.

Time savings
Think about all the time you will save each day by going to school online rather than on campus. When you wake up at your home each day, you are already in the class room. All you need is your computer and you're ready for class. If you add up the time you save by not having to commute to campus, find a parking spot, walk to class and then trek back to your home, you are literally saving several hours each week.

The extra time you save can be used to get in shape, work on your start-up business, complete projects around the house and a million other things.

Lots of options
Some people think that there are limited degree options when going back to school online. In fact, with thousands of degree options from thousands of schools across the country, this could not be further from the truth. There are tons of degree options available online from the Arts and Sciences, to Engineering and Physical Therapy.


Less personal interaction
These type of online programs do not provide nearly as much personal interaction as an on-campus degree program would. With an online degree program, you are generally on your own at your home, working at your own pace. On campus programs allow you to meet new people and interact with your peers on a daily basis. This might not be a con for everyone out there, but for some people it makes a big difference.

Disconnected from campus
Since you are not required to be on campus to complete an online degree program, often online students can feel disconnected from campus. This would include missing any on-campus activities and campus associations like student clubs and organizations.

If you think an online education is the right path for you, you can find other educational information and resources online.

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Online Graduate Linguistics Class

I always had this dream to work in the UN as a translator. Unfortunately, I was only fluent in the English language and had only basic knowledge of French. How was it possible to achieve this dream without being strong in two international languages? I shared my passion with a friend who advised me to take graduate linguistics classes. The biggest challenge I had then was the fact that I had a busy schedule hence making it rather difficult to attend college classes. The good news is that when I was almost giving up, I came across online graduate linguistics classes, which worked perfectly with my schedule.

The popularity of online graduate programs is on the rise due to the high number of working adults that are interested in furthering their education. Another factor that has led to the popularity of these web-based programs is the cost. Online programs are much cheaper as compared to the other kinds of programs. Combining cost and flexibility definitely made me go for an online graduate linguistic class which I graduated from successfully and got my dream job as a UN translator.

Those who have studied online can testify to the fact that the online programs are an evolution of academics. I would be away for over ten hours every day working, which made it impossible for me to attend campus classes in the evening. With the graduate online programs, it is possible to have time to rest, spend with the family and work. Another factor that worked well for me with the online graduate linguistic class was the fact that I reside far from the college that offers this course. I was able to save on transportation costs while studying online.

Other costs that are charged for campus-based students such as athletic and medical fees are also eliminated with the online graduate programs. The savings made may appear small but if it is amalgamated for four years, it could end up being a substantial amount. This is a very important point to note especially for those who are faced with the challenge of having limited resources.

Since there are many online graduate programs, it is advisable to carry out research before making the final selection. I took time to go through different websites before finally deciding on the one that I enrolled in. I made a checklist and took note of important details such as fees, duration, course outline and the reputation of the program. Once I decided upon the program, I took time to authenticate the details so as to avoid a situation of being exposed to scammers.

With adequate research, it is possible to achieve a graduate degree online. Do not allow your dream of furthering your education to remain as just a dream because of busy schedules. Take the initiative to look for a suitable program from the long list available online. I have achieved my life- long dream of working as a UN translator and it all began when I enrolled in the graduate linguistic class online.

Graduate degree programs online offer a cost effective opportunity to improve your job outlook. Earning a PhD online will provide you with the skills needed to secure a job in the competitive world of academics.