Online Education Tip: How To Compare Online Universities

In order to select the best online university from so many good universities that offer online degree programs, you have to compare them. But, comparing these online universities can be a challenges. You may know the degree you are looking for, but it is not an easy task to narrow down the list to the best online degree program that meets your requirements. Below are the five considerations that you can use to compare the online universities before you select the best one among them.

1. Compare The Accreditation

It is your responsibility to make sure the online degree you earn is worth the value. Don't fall into the trap of diploma mill and earn a fake degree. Therefore, accreditation is the most important factor to consider when comparing online universities. Besides avoiding the scams, the consideration of accreditation is important to make sure you have a smooth start in your future career. For example, if you pursue an online degree program from a regional accredited university, you have an easier time finding jobs, using the degree to further your study or transferring your credits to other schools. Besides the regional accreditation, degrees from online universities that are accredited by DETC (Distance Education and Training Council) are widely accepted by employers.

2. Compare The Admission Requirements

Each school has the admission requirements for online students. It will be a waste of time if you are trying to apply for the online degree program that you are not qualified for. You should compare the admission requirements of online universities for the course you are interested in pursuing. Make sure you can meet the requirements before you submit your application.

3. Compare The Residency Requirements

When comparing the online degree programs offered by different online universities, it is important to compare the residency requirements and make sure you select the one that fits your lifestyle. The education programs may be offered entirely through the internet or require you to attend some hours of physical classroom sessions or face-to-face discussions at a brick-and-mortar university. If there is residency requirements, you may want to consider the online degree programs with physical facilities near your home or workplace.

4. Compare Online Class Schedules

Flexibility is a feature and the advantage of online education. Many online education programs allow students to learn based on their pace of study. But, it may not apply for some programs as they need the online students to meet strict deadlines for every subject they sign up in a semester. Depending on the time you can allocate on online study, you should compare the class schedule for the courses offered by online universities. If you are a working individual and your job requires you to travel frequently from one place to another, you may want to consider the online degree program that gives the maximum flexibility so that you can plan your own schedule to fit your times.

5. Compare The Examination Requirements

Almost all online degree programs require students to complete the examination in order to earn the degree. Each online university will have its examination requirements. Many of the universities have specific examination centers for their online students to sit for the exams. You will need to compare the examination requirements from each online university to make sure you can meet the requirements. There are also online examinations allowed in some degree programs, you can choose this type of examination if it is your preferred method.


You should compare the online universities in order to select the best online degree program that fits the best for you. The above considerations are the comparison of universities in choosing the best education program.

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Tutoring For Success

As students progress to high school, subjects can be very tough and daunting. They might need help of a tutor to take them through the course. A tutor's responsibility is not just to help them with their homework and get done. A tutor should work on building the student's concepts so that they no longer lag behind in their high school classes. They should offer positive feedback to boost their confidence.

Here are some tips a high school chemistry tutor can follow:

1. Know more about the student

Do not jump into explaining Chemistry concepts the very first day. Ask the student what they are doing wrong in Chemistry. Also ask them about any concepts that they are confused about. Put the student at ease regarding coursework.

2. Set Deadlines

Develop a timetable of the assignments, quizzes and reports that the student has to submit in class and then facilitate the student. Keep track of his/her performance.

3. Ask them to review last class' concepts

Many times, students understand a concept but later forget or confuse it again unless it is reviewed. Ask your student to state the last session's teachings. Then relate them to the next lesson i.e. the lesson you will be teaching today. Create a mental flowchart, relating each chemistry concept to the other. Start each session with review of the previous one.

4. Do not show haste

Go slowly and try not to jump from one concept to another. Before moving to a new concept, ask the person to recount what they have understood from the current concept. For instance if Chemistry equations confuse the student, work slowly through each time before stringing the equation and telling them about the equation products.

5. Adapt to learning needs of the student

If the student is more of a visual person, show them videos or give them molecular models when explaining organic chemistry.

6. Give positive feedback

Students might feel it reflects poorly on their intelligence if they have to depend on tutoring. Positive feedback can boost their morale and push them forward to learn. Give them specific positive feedback. For instance, if the student is working very hard and his thesis idea is a strong one, say: "Your thesis topic is very unique. Your teacher will appreciate you going out of the way to do your thesis".

With these methods and techniques applied, a high school chemistry tutor can make sure the student scores high in chemistry tests.

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Free Online Courses Can Supplement And Enhance Education

Why Bother With Free Online Courses?

Free online courses do not provide learners with college credit, and many people may wonder what the point is. The high quality learning resources that are becoming available to people all over the world through the internet are giving unseen before access to high quality lessons and materials, so many independently driven learners find this opportunity fantastic.

Being able to understand the benefits of education beyond your degree and credit will benefit humans in the long-run. Learning for the sake of learning is often overlooked in a culture that is accomplishment driven, but interest in free online courses reveals that many individuals are actually taking advantage of what free online learning has to offer. Keeping your brain active is believed to prevent certain neural conditions that result for a variety of reasons, including stagnancy.

Supplementing Your College Education

For students earning a degree, paying for course credits is expensive. There may be a class that you think would be valuable to your success in your field, but that is not required for your major.

Finding classes on the internet free will help people who want to enhance their education at no cost. High quality material is becoming increasingly more available, and taking the initiative to go above and beyond will benefit you educationally and also help you to develop healthy study habits.

Researching Areas of Study

Committing to a major in college is a big deal because it will impact the rest of your life. Knowing if you want to seriously pursue a subject is important before taking the plunge, and one way to ensure that you are heading down the right road is to get some experience through free online courses. These programs allow you to study virtually any topic and to identify areas you are interested in focusing on throughout your time in college and potentially your career.


Some people simply enjoy giving their brain the food it loves-information. It's easy to forget that our brains love good clean knowledge and exploration, but that is the fuel that keeps it fresh. Free online courses give us the chance to let our mind run free through worlds of poetry, astronomy, calculus, world history, and so on.

Available Material

So what does an online course look like? Well, it's full of all the good ideas and facts that would be delivered in a lecture, but at no cost. You can find these courses in all shapes in sizes, from the mediocre to the Ivy League level. Audio and video clips are often accessible, as well as assignments and ways to challenge yourself and solidify your understanding of the material.

There's no pressure to complete any of the programs you start online, because they exist solely for your benefit. So if you're worried you don't have time, there's no need. You can do everything at a pace that works for you. The benefits and uses of these free courses are numerous, so the only question you need to ask yourself is why you haven't taken advantage of this resource. Perhaps you can acquire enough information online to earn student scholarships.

Language Learning - A Review of Popular Methods

Today's technology has made the world much smaller and many people have become interested in learning foreign languages. Some want to learn for fun, many for business reasons, but it is your desire and passion to learn that will make you successful. No one can give you that.

I have discovered that many popular language-learning methods are not what they say they are and you can waste a lot of money quickly on them. Here is my homework on some of them.

Rossetta Stone - online - $299 for 12 months

I tested the free demo online at the Rossetta Stone site. The demo seems to brag that there are no written translations, you learn from looking at pictures only. The first lesson for Spanish shows pictures of a woman (una mujer) and man (un hombre). By clicking the pictures you learn the words woman and man. The next lesson shows a boy (un nino) or girl (una nina). So now you have learned words for boy, girl, man and woman. The next pictures are of people drinking and eating. You learn all of this from pictures only. There are no written translations. This is where I had a few questions. What if I wanted to know who is this woman? (in the picture) What is her name? Where is she from? What kind of pictures can they make to teach me the words who, what, where, her and name? Also what do the words is, this, and from look like? I had to use Google translate to find that (una) and (un) are the word "a" in Spanish. I urge you to take the free Rossetta Stone demo online before you purchase it.

Pimsleur - software - $119.95

The site started by teaching me phrases. I think it makes more sense to build a vocabulary first than to start with phrases because then you will know what each word means. From their free half hour lesson of repeating phrases I learned the Spanish words for pardon, understand, English, miss, speak, sir, no, yes, a little, North American, you, and are. Twelve words. I was a bit puzzled because they taught me "entendo" and "entende" for the word "understand" then told me I was saying "I understand" and "you understand." "Yo" is I in Spanish and "usted" is you. "Yo" was never spoken with understand and "usted" was used only at the end of the lesson and not spoken with the words for understand.

The lesson is audio only. Nothing is written. I like to see the words because for me it is easier to remember them. I completely agree with their statement - "Probably no aspect of learning a foreign language is more important than memory." Word memory is the key. Repetition is good for this reason. I think you could learn from their approach but it will be slow and impossible to learn phrases of your own choice.

Transparent Language - software - $179.95

I like the philosophy of the site. I could not test it because they offer no free trial or way to see how they teach so I Googled the site for reviews. I have found if reviews talk only how great the method is but not how you are taught or why you will learn fast they are most likely written by the people selling the product. No trial lesson and no review with content? You decide.

World Word Exchange - online - 2 lessons $12 - 4 lessons $20 - 8 lessons $32

This is a new site. Their philosophy seemed sound so I signed up and got a free lesson. The site has seventy-six lessons of twenty words each. The first lesson had the words: who, what, where, when, why and how among others. These are helpful one-word question words. I clicked the words to hear a native speaker say them. What surprised me was that they spelled the English word first, next to it the word was spelled phonetically in English, and then they have the native text. I listened and studied for a while then went to their memory test. It's a multiple-choice word game which challenges you to match the question word to eight other choices. This is an excellent way to remember the words in my opinion. Repetition is how we remember.

The site also has a grammar section that explains how to use the words and there is a page to practice spelling. For people who already know some words there is a user lesson page where you can choose the words you want to learn. The site has some great tools. The most impressive feature is the organization of the words you learn. Learning the most common words first is a feature no other language method I could find has. The only down side to the site is they teach only Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Thai. Hopefully more languages will be added soon.

Online Management Courses - A Glance

Online management courses have come as a blessing to those who want to pursue education in management but do not have the resources to do so. Resources here could be time or money. There are a range of training programs available for groups and individuals who wish to develop or enhance key skills and knowledge that can be used in a wide variety of business contexts. Needless to say, these skills in turn help them in their professional lives.

A certification or diploma is not essential for entering into the business world. You can always find alternative activities like operating a home based web business that does not require you to possess a degree under normal circumstances. Many self made millionaires went from rags to riches after dropping out. It is enough to make a connection, however untrue it may be. Moreover, people harm themselves if they figure that dropping out is the requisite to wealth.

Furthermore, if you are among the general public who wants a good job and career to come after a qualification, then for all this to fall into place, certifications are needed badly. The courses themselves, if accredited, have not been found to be lacking for content or structure. Though, what changes is the mode of delivery.

Online Management courses hold great promise because of the world of opportunity they open for candidates.
Every organization needs talent that they can nurture so that the organization can have a bright future. Training facilitators assist you to complete your study from home and take advantage of your work experience to accelerate your progress. Learning and assessment activities can also be tailored to suit individual needs and while being focused on assisting you to achieve new milestones in your current employment.

So it is up to you to decide which course you want to pursue and in what specialization. Many well known colleges recognizing the advantages of this type of learning have started their own online programs which grow in size and variety every year. Furthermore, their takers are also continually on the rise.

Finally, management training is best learnt if it can be implemented in the corporate world and this practical application of the education only comes about if the students implement what they learn in the workplace. So, industrial training or working simultaneously while studying can prove to be a boon to the students. These are most easily implemented in the online mode of study. So one should do one's homework thoroughly and go where one's interest lies.

Quick Information About WHMIS and Certification

Do you have an idea about WHMIS? Well, it stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. Today, WHMIS testing is highly important for WHMIS certification. It is done to determine the knowledge of a person in response to the various regulations as well as practices of WHMIS. It is highly important for every employer to ensure that their employees have a complete knowledge of the domain, including that of key aspects, like WHMIS symbols, workplace labels, material safety data sheets and controlled products in workplace. On the completion of training, the employee would be deemed a certified in WHMIS.

Now, as far as WHMIS testing is concerned, it is done to administer formal testing, or re testing to refresh the memories of employees every 3 years. In case you are preparing for the formal WHMIS and Certification training, you can decide to go with the traditional classroom style setting or even online training. You can opt for online training, if you have a shoestring budget. It is certainly an amazing method to complete training within a specified time and that it can be done without having to spend a lot of money.

While looking for a test online, it is highly important for you to choose the WHMIS testing class, which regularly gets updated and maintains a pace with the changing legislation. WHMIS training is not given immediately. However, it must be done only after the employee has a very good knowledge of hazardous materials and is ready for the training. Before the training, they will be provided with in-depth knowledge about the use of hazardous materials. During the certification program, it is important to watch the slideshow carefully before attempting the test. Finally, you will have to answer 40 multiple choice questions based on the WHMIS training. In the event you pass the exam, you would be provided with a certificate card immediately that will be directly sent to your management account. The online tests are simply amazing as they can be given according to your convenience, from work or from the comfort of your home at a very affordable fee.

In case you are already certified for WHMIS and would like to gain knowledge about recertification, then it can be gained by checking out the sites offering WHMIS certification and training. However, it is mandatory to go for re-certification every three years. In fact, it is advised to check out the course content in advance so that you can get a better idea about the kind of questions that are usually asked. Thus, later you can answer the 40 questions correctly and pass the test. In case you do not pass the test on the first attempt, it is possible to retake the test by buying another key. So what are you waiting for? Well, you can also improve your employment opportunities by undergoing the WHMIS training. Do not waste this golden opportunity to get certified in WHMIS by the way of online training.

Bruce Russell is the author of this article on WHMIS.
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High Demand Medical Professionals

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) provide intensive medical care to critical accident victims especially to those who are fighting for life. For those who are in extremely critical conditions, these professionals have to perform CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and many other treatment methods. In addition to various complications of the patient, one should have the required skills and also a strong mind to carry out the job properly and effectively in highly disturbing situations. CPR skills can be learnt online at affordable costs. In CPR training classes the skills to perform resuscitation for grown up people, children and newborn babies are taught. It is a very useful course and those who practice these skills will get the opportunity to save the life of those who are between life and death. Those who cannot find time to attend the classes can learn these skills from online courses. These online courses are of very short duration and on completion of the program certificates will be issued. Those who are desirous of learning such skills can browse through the websites of these institutions and select the courses of their interest.

Those who are not from the healthcare field but, desirous of learning such skills and acquire knowledge about these treatment methods can also get enrolled for the CPR training classes. Those who join courses in EMT can learn all necessary skills to save life. Those who join the EMT training online get the opportunity to learn the most advanced skills and lessons. The course programs are blends of theory and practical training. Those who are holders of certificates in basic EMT can get enrolled for advanced courses of EMT training online. Those who aim for career advancement in EMS education can choose the EMS Instructor courses. The students who have completed the online courses will be eligible to appear for the certification examinations at national level. For trained EMTs and other Paramedical professionals, the demand is very high.

The CPR courses are considered as alternatives to practical learning. Those who attend such courses can enable more cardiac arrest patients to survive. Those who attend the courses in EMT can learn the skills to deal with the worst situations. The EMTs are expected to attend emergency calls, provide CPR and provide pre-hospital medical service to patients etc. In medical field, three types of EMTs are working - basic, intermediate and paramedical. Ample job opportunities are available for EMTs all over the country. Also, part-time as well as full time jobs are available for the qualified professionals.

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