Tutoring For Success

As students progress to high school, subjects can be very tough and daunting. They might need help of a tutor to take them through the course. A tutor's responsibility is not just to help them with their homework and get done. A tutor should work on building the student's concepts so that they no longer lag behind in their high school classes. They should offer positive feedback to boost their confidence.

Here are some tips a high school chemistry tutor can follow:

1. Know more about the student

Do not jump into explaining Chemistry concepts the very first day. Ask the student what they are doing wrong in Chemistry. Also ask them about any concepts that they are confused about. Put the student at ease regarding coursework.

2. Set Deadlines

Develop a timetable of the assignments, quizzes and reports that the student has to submit in class and then facilitate the student. Keep track of his/her performance.

3. Ask them to review last class' concepts

Many times, students understand a concept but later forget or confuse it again unless it is reviewed. Ask your student to state the last session's teachings. Then relate them to the next lesson i.e. the lesson you will be teaching today. Create a mental flowchart, relating each chemistry concept to the other. Start each session with review of the previous one.

4. Do not show haste

Go slowly and try not to jump from one concept to another. Before moving to a new concept, ask the person to recount what they have understood from the current concept. For instance if Chemistry equations confuse the student, work slowly through each time before stringing the equation and telling them about the equation products.

5. Adapt to learning needs of the student

If the student is more of a visual person, show them videos or give them molecular models when explaining organic chemistry.

6. Give positive feedback

Students might feel it reflects poorly on their intelligence if they have to depend on tutoring. Positive feedback can boost their morale and push them forward to learn. Give them specific positive feedback. For instance, if the student is working very hard and his thesis idea is a strong one, say: "Your thesis topic is very unique. Your teacher will appreciate you going out of the way to do your thesis".

With these methods and techniques applied, a high school chemistry tutor can make sure the student scores high in chemistry tests.

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